Sims 2 Plant Addicts Anonymous

A community for Sims 2 plant CC. All plants are welcome! Indoor, outdoor, potted, functional, harvestable, decorative, trees, shrubs, flowers, even dried. Neighbourhood deco plants also welcome. Let us collect ALL THE PLANTS!



I hope you will enjoy these!


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Plant WCIF


Alexmanuel-sims wanted to know where I got some of the plants I showed in my previous post. Let me know if I missed any. Links and images under the cut.

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Sims 2 Plant Addicts Anonymous needs more mods!

I’ve been neglecting this blog far too much, and it’d be nice to have some more people on the team. All you need to do is reblog when you see a new plant download (and try to check that it’s not already, at least not recently, been reblogged), and if you feel up to it, post links to downloads you find elsewhere. Drop me (meetmetotheriver) a message if you’re interested!



I need more.

Hear, hear.

The tagline of Plant Addicts Anonymous.

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I love these tulips by nengi and I could really use some more colors. So I made them. 6 colors all from Poppet’s Memory actions. Mesh is included.

Download Tulips


I instantly fell in love with SimFused’s Fanciful Forest Collections, so I’ve made some concrete recolors for it. 

Download here

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Simfused shared a potted palmtree over at MTS :)


Simfused shared a potted palmtree over at MTS :)


SimFused shared a couple of items here, here, here and here :)



What do I do when my game crashes, I don’t feel like finding out why and have too much spare time in my hands? I put all my plants on a lot and realize I have a virtual hoarding problem, that’s what I do.

It’s not a problem, it’s a lifestyle.

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Just look at these gorgeous rosebushes.